Elsiana - 6 Month Milestone Session - New Carlisle, IN Photographer

Elsiana's 6 month milestone session - New Carlisle, Indiana Photographer 

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Gehrig - 6 Month Milestone Session at Notre Dame - New Carlisle, IN Photographer

Gehrig's 6 month milestone photography session at Notre Dame - New Carlisle, IN Photographer 

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Jerren - 6 Month Milestone Session - New Carlisle, IN Photographer

Jerren's 6 moth studio milestone session - New Carlisle, IN Photographer 

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Leo - 1st Birthday Session - New Carlisle, IN Photographer

Leo's 1st birthday photoshoot - New Carlisle, IN Photography

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Happy 1st Birthday, Baylor!

Baylor turned 1 last month and I had so much fun taking her pictures!  Her mom did a great job with the banner & cake details, and Baylor enjoyed the cake at first...but at the end she was just over it!  Babies are too funny sometimes!  ;) 

Layla - Newborn

Ahhh Layla was so much fun to photograph!  She slept like a dream ... and can we talk about those cheeks!!!  I am pretty sure I already overshared her on my Facebook page, and I'm not one bit ashamed!  Here I go oversharing some more...I hope you enjoy these just as much as I do! 

Jerren - Newborn

2 week old Jerren was just SO CUTE!  And I have to admit, I died a little when I saw his amazing little curls in his hair.  He slept for a little bit at the beginning of his session, and then he was wide awake and ready to party!  He was nicknamed "Prince" before he was ever born, so I made the little crown for him to wear - because every Prince must have a crown!  I loved getting to meet Jerren, and I can't wait to see him again at his next milestone session! 

Leo - 6 Months

I have been so lucky to take pictures of the cutest little boys over the last few months!  Since it seems like my little man was just at this stage, these little boys have an extra special place in my heart as I see these "baby moments" slip away at my own house.  Capturing these fleeting moments in time is so important!  6 month old Leo was just as cute as can be and he flashed me so many smiles!  I loved taking his pictures and I sure hope I get the chance to see him again sometime down the road!  Thank you Brittany & Leo!

Gracie - 7 Months

This session made my heart so happy!  I have had so many little boy sitter sessions lately, but no girls!  I have been dreaming of pastels and flowers (anything that says SPRING!), but I haven't had any little girls to do this with.  Then Gracie came along and was just perfect for what I wanted to do!  She was full of smiles for me and cute as can be.  It was a rainy and gloomy day outside, but it felt like springtime and sunshine in my studio!  Thanks for being such a great model, Gracie!

Klayton - 9 Months

My nephew, Klayton, came to see me for his 9 month pictures - luckily, he isn't showing any signs of getting tired of me or my camera just yet.  I am sure that day will come soon though!  And when that happens, I'll use the same secret photographer trick I used on my son (in the first picture) - jelly beans!  While Klayton was here, I got a picture of my kids and Klayton together to give to our mom for Mother's Day.  That was the hardest part of the shoot - and it definitely involved compositing 3 photos into one to get everyone looking at me and smiling at the same time!   Enjoy these pictures of my adorable smiley nephew!


Blake - Newborn

It was such an honor to capture Blake's newborn photos!  Not only is he as cute as they come, but my first "newborn session" was almost exactly 4 years earlier...and it was one of Blake's older sisters!  I was still relatively new at photography as a hobby, and hope that I have made a lot of improvements in the last 4 years.  Blake was such a sweetie and I loved capturing these moments! 

Kolton - 6 Months Milestone

Oh my word, it was all I could do not to drop my camera and go squeeze Kolton!  He wasn't quite 6 months old yet, but he was sitting up like a champ and blowing me away with his extreme cuteness!  I say this every time, but I love this age so much! 

Colton turns 3

Colton was way too easy to photograph for his 3 year pictures!  For about 4 seconds he acted like he wasn't interested in pictures, but after that (he might have been bribed with the promise of a treat) he flashed me million dollar smiles and did everything I asked of him and more!  I had so many favorites from this session...and make sure you scroll to the end to see what a handsome cowboy Colton makes!

Boden - 6 Months Milestone

It was so great to see Boden again!  He has grown and changed so much since his newborn session! 

It was hard to believe he was over 6 months old already (and by now, he's over 7 months old!)...I felt like I just took his newborn photos!

He was impressing me with all of his big boy skills and mouth full of teeth!  He had the cutest little overalls, suspenders, and Converse shoes...plus, look at those bright blue eyes and sweet smile!  How lucky am I to get to capture these memories?!


Jackson & Jacob - Easter Mini Session

These boys were KILLING me with their cuteness!  Their outfits, their smiles, their hair...they were the complete package!

I'm not going to lie, before they showed up to their session I was prepared to get a workout in...two young boys aren't always the easiest subjects to photograph!  But boy, was I wrong!  They were sweet as can be, great listeners, and flashed me the biggest smiles left and right.  And when they gave each other a great big brotherly kiss...my heart melted on the floor right then and there.  It's not often that two young boys make my job easy, but they sure did! 

Enjoy some of their cuteness below!


Liam - 6 Months

Liam is another one of the newborns I photographed last year that came back to see me for his 6 month pictures!  I just love getting the chance to see how babies change every few months, and getting to document these moments that fly by too fast.  Liam was cute as can be and I can't wait to see him again! 

Klayton 7 Months

I was so excited to take my nephew Klayton's 7 month pictures - I kept telling my sister how babies at that age are always all smiles and it's so much fun.  When he got there, I could tell right away that he wasn't his usual super smiley self, not to mention he was trying to eat all my props plus drooling all over the place ... I told Karlee that he acted like he was teething pretty bad.  Sure enough, a few days later, his first tooth popped through!  Despite all of that, I think we still got some adorable pictures of him, and I can't wait to get him in my studio again soon!